A Language beyond the Classroom

From being able to go into the bathroom at exactly certain hours in the day to having toys exactly in the straight line when found. Standing back this may seem like a bit out of the ordinary, but for someone with autism, this is how they speak. The simple routine that we may find meaningless is for them, their way of understanding how the world works. And choosing an education system that benefits their growth can be difficult one.

Private School versus Public School

private versus public schoolFor the parents that are able to, sending the children to a private school is an option that they can turn to. A private school is much smaller in the student body. This usually means staff and teachers know each other very well and are more capable of delivering individualized attention to students. This is crucial especially for students with Autism, as every child responds different and needs a specific plan of attention, which in a public setting can be hard to accommodate. Should there be any signs of bullying, it would be much easier to control and address as compared to a large public school. So autistic students would be able to freely express themselves and other students would find it easier to be more accepting of them as they are able to spend more time with them.

 The Major Concern with Private Schools

And although being able to create a more welcoming  community can be found in private schools , there are also some significant drawbacks for not only the student but for the parent as well. Tuition is a major concern for many families on being able to afford to private education can be quite difficult. Because many families cannot afford a private education, autistic children may not find as many other autistic classmates that can relate to their situation.

There is also the argument to be made that parents pushing a private education onto their children to avoid public social behaviors feel as though they may be sheltering them too much. How will autistic children respond to outside society if, growing up, they receive  an education that is very sheltered and too accommodating to them.|

At the end of the day, having a student with autism requires cooperation from all sides. It also ultimately depends on the students as they are the ones whom will reap the benefits from the circumstances they are put into. And as long as their needs are established and being taken care of, whether in a private or public school setting, all children have the ability to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.